The Good Wife

The Good Wife

Kalinda Sharma Kalinda Sharma

Kalinda Sharma

In this CBS legal drama, Archie plays the award winning role of Kalinda Sharma, the enigmatic and sexually manipulative private investigator. Archie’s portrayal of KALINDA continues to be a fan favorite, and gain critical acclaim earning her SAG, Emmy and Golden Globe nominations with an Emmy win in 2010. Known for wearing her knee high leather boots and using weaponry such as a baseball bat and sledgehammer, Kalinda has become iconic as she continue to be one of the most intriguing and provocative characters on TV.

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She’s giving the most original performance in prime time. Panjabi is a stealthily insinuating presence – and striking.”

– People Magazine

Millions who watch TGW are obsessed with Panjabi’s ass kicking investigator, she was the Academy’s logical choice.  Panjabi’s Kalinda has fascinated audiences in a way that few charecters do.”

– The Daily Beast

No wonder Kalinda has emerged as a viewer favorite ….and no wonder Archie Panjabi, who last year won an Emmy for her portrayal of Kalinda, can hold her own in a robust cast of actors. With her implacable shrewdness, sass and sexuality, Kalinda heats up every scene she is in.”

– Associate Press

Archie Panjabi as the private investigator Kalinda is the show’s secret weapon.”

– Orlando Sentinel