A Good Year

A Good Year

Gemma Gemma


Archie’s performance won a lot of attention for her portrayal of Gemma, Max Skinner’s (Russel Crowe”s) savvy and mischievous London executive assistant. Despite Max’s smug and viciously competitive behavior, Gemma begrudgingly likes him although never looses the opportunity to show him who is boss.

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Archie is smart and sensitive enough as an actress to make anything fly, comedy or drama, an unusual talent. It was a real pleasure to work with someone so enthusiastic, she’s a beautiful girl.”

– Ridely Scott, Director of A Good Year

Little subtlety creeps into the acting, which is understandable given that these roles are more caricature than character. One exception is Archie Panjabi who as Max’s assistant lets slight reproaches seep into exchanges with her boss without him seeming to notice.”

– The Hollywood Reporter

Archie added something to the movie; she had a great dominate female presence without being over bearing. Her scenes were the scenes I wanted to see the most and when she wasn’t on the screen I missed her.”

– Media Morgue.com

Crowe gets much support from a solid cast that includes Archie Panjabi, who steals several scenes as Max’s long suffering secretary.”

– New York Post